Friday, September 26, 2014

Je chanterai pour toi (I'll Sing for You)

This documentary, presented by Jonathan Demme, paints a low-key, entrancing portrait of African guitar legend Boubacar Traore, known to his countrymen as Karkar, a musician who regularly stirred the spirits of listeners on the radio and the dance floor during the early 1960s after Mali achieved independence.
Features: three performance films; interview with Lieve Joris; interview with ethnographer Youssouf Tata Cissé; archival photo gallery.
Haruna Barry, Demba-Kane Niang, Madieye Niang, Blaise Pascal, Mamadou Sangaré, Malik Sidibé, Ballaké Sissoko, and Ali Farka Touré.
les Productions faire bleu present; director, Jacques Sarasin.

French dialogue with English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 39812-D 2003 77 minutes

Jimi Hendrix

A tribute to the late rock singer/guitarist featuring some of his most memorable performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with family, friends, and fellow performers.
Special features: From the ukelele to the strat, interviews with family and friends; The making of Dolly dagger (producer/engineer Eddie Kramer breaks down the mix); Stone free, never-before-seen Hendrix performance from the July 4, 1970 Atlanta Pop Festival.
Producer, John Head.
Film editor, Peter Colbert.

Soundtrack in English; subtitles in English or French.

Askwith Media Library 42512-D 1973 103 minutes

Tom Dowd & The Language of Music

Profiles the life and work of music producer/recording engineer Tom Dowd. Featuring music and appearances by Les Paul, Eric Clapton, John Coltrane, Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Ornette Coleman and other musical luminaries.
Special features: Deleted scenes; weblinks.
Film by Mark Moormann; a Language of Music Film.
Producer, Scott L. Gordon, Mark Hunt, Mark Moormann ; director, Mark Moormann.


Askwith Media Library 38142-D 2004 90 minutes

Beware of Mr. Baker

The documentary about the ailing-yet-ferocious Ginger Baker, the brilliant and wildly self-destructive drummer for Cream and Blind Faith. An almost impossible man to be around, he allows the director unprecedented access--even if he strikes him violently on the nose with his cane on the final day of filming.
Ginger Baker, Jay Bulger, John Lydon, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Charlie Watts, Mickey Hart, Marky Ramone, Carlos Santana.
Insurgent Media presents a Pugilist at Rest production; executive producers, Julie Goldman, Tony Palmer; produced by Andrew Karsch, Fisher Stevens, Erik H. Gordon; written, directed and produced by Jay Bulger.
Editor, Abhay Sofsky; director of photography, Eric Robbins; music supervisor, Susan Jacobs.

Askwith Media Library 64240-D 2012 92 minutes

B.B. King, The Life of Riley


"Survival is a word... this is its story!"

Director Jon Brewer worked closely with the gregarious and charming musician and was given extraordinary access to his friends, family and colleagues. This is a no holds barred, powerful documentary that explores how an orphaned kid from Mississippi turned his life around, battled against all odds and against unrelenting racism to overcome even the toughest critics in the entertainment industry, to become 'King of the Blues'.
Special features: Extended interviews; live performance from the Royal Albert Hall 2011.
Produced and directed by Jon Brewer.
Featuring Eric Clapton, Bono, Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Bruce Willis, Bobby Bland, Buddy Guy, Bill Wyman, Dr. John, Leon Russell, Joe Walsh, John Mayall and others.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Askwith Media Library 64235-D 2014 119 minutes

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Silk Road: Music, Art and Poetry from Istanbul to Samarqand

(Trailer unavailable)

"Traces the Silk Road through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia, where Islam flourished after the 7th century with an artistic renaissance that reflected the beauty of Persian culture. The legendary journey of the caravans forms a backdrop for this region's exquisite legacy of music, poetry, and visual arts. The DVD features six selections of Persian classical music and Sufi music recorded up to 40 years ago, with 140 photos of Islamic art and architecture in historic Silk Road cities of western Asia. From Istanbul, a choir performs Persian poetry in its traditional form, through song. Persian classical music of the 6th century unfolds as the expression of a moment in time, or a state of being. A Sufi call to prayer is performed on the ney, a reed flute whose tone is the symbol of the ecstatic, in an order of Dervishes founded in the 13th century by the poet Jallaludin Rumi. A Sufi melody is performed on the ney in the mode of nostalgia, bringing the past and present together in a timeless rhythm. A flute solo from Samarqand improvises on a Sufi theme, evoking the mystical feeling of this ancient land"
Directed and produced by Judith Frey. Editor, Don Poe; Milky Way panorama, Axel Mellinger.

Askwith Media Library 56622-D  2006 33 minutes

Monday, September 22, 2014


"Victim of the current recession, Fred Daly lives a quiet, isolated life in his Parked car. His situation improves after he forms an unlikely friendship with Cathal, a dope-smoking free spirit with a positive attitude. Sharing laughs and hard times, the two men rediscover the simple pleasure of life. One day at the community swimming pool, Fred meets Jules, an attractive music teacher who lives nearby. The two begin to develp a romantic relationship as Fred tries to keep his living situation a secret."--Container.
Olive Films; Ripple World Pictures presents a Ripple World Picture, Helsinki Filmi production with the participation of Bord Scannán na hÉireann, the Irish Film Board; the Finnish Film Foundation, Suomen Elokuvasāātiō in association with RTÉ; 
Director of photography, John Conroy; editor, Guy Montgomery; composer, Niall Byrne. 
Directed by Darragh Byrne; producers, Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright; written by Ciaran Creagh.
Colm Meaney, Colin Morgan, Milka Ahlroth, Stuart Graham, Michael McElhatton, David Wilmot.
Dublin, Ireland: Ripple World Pictures, 

Askwith Media Library 64293-D 2010 94 minutes