Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shirley Valentine

Shirley Valentine is a 42 year-old Liverpudlian bored housewife whose life and initially enriching marriage has settled into a narrow and unsatisfying rut, leaving few real friends and her childhood dreams unaccomplished. When her flamboyant friend Jane (Alison Steadman) wins a trip for two to Greece, Shirley uncharacteristically puts herself first and accepts her invitation. -Wikipedia

Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Produced by Lewis Gilbert
Screenplay by Willy Russell
Based on Shirley Valentine a play by Willy Russell
Starring Pauline Collins, Tom Conti, Alison Steadman, Julia McKenzie, Joanna Lumley
Music by Willy Russell
Dinematography Alan Hume
Edited by Lesley Walker

Released in 1989
Run time 108 minutes

Friday, April 24, 2015

Harlem Rides the Range

Bob Blake (Herb Jeffries) and his sidekick Rusty (Lucius Brooks) are two cowboys riding across the countryside in search of adventure. They come across a ranch where it appears a murder has taken place but they find the victim of the crime, Jim Dennison (Leonard Christmas), still alive. Dennison is hiding in fear of his life after what had taken place at the ranch. Bob sees a picture of the rancher’s daughter Margaret (Artie Young) and falls in love at first sight; he cannot stop talking about how beautiful the girl in the picture is. Bob drops a glove when he leaves the ranch, which causes problems later. -Wikipedia

Herbert Jeffrey (Jeffries)

Directed by Richard C. Kahn
Produced by Richard C. Kahn, Alfred N.Sack
Written by F.E. Miller, Spencer Williams
Starring Herb Jeffries (Jeffrey), Lucius Brooks, F. E. Miller, Artie Young, Clarence Brooks, Spencer Williams, Tom Southern, Leonard Christmas, Wade Dumas, John Thomas, The Four Tones

Released 1939
Run time 56 minutes

The Madwoman of Chaillot

The story is of a modern society endangered by power and greed and the rebellion of the "little people" against corrupt and soulless authority.
A group of four prominent men, The General (Paul Henreid), The Commissar (Oskar Homolka), The Chairman (Yul Brynner) and The Prospector (Donald Pleasence) discuss how they can increase their fortunes. The Prospector tells them that there is oil in the middle of Paris and they resolve to acquire the rights with or without the consent of the people of Paris. Countess Aurelia (Katharine Hepburn), the "madwoman" of the title, learns of this plan to drill for oil under the very streets of her district from Roderick (Richard Chamberlain) an activist and The Ragpicker (Danny Kaye). She enlists the help of her friends, a motley crew of "little people" who include the "madwomen" of neighbouring districts, Constance, the Madwoman of Passy (Margaret Leighton), Gabrielle, the Madwoman of St. Sulpice (Giulietta Masina). A trial takes place in the Countess' cellar presided over by Aurelia's friend Josephine (Edith Evans), the Madwoman of La Concorde as judge and the Ragpicker as the lawyer for the defense. -Wikipedia

Directed by Bryan Forbes
Produced by Ely A. Landau, Anthony b. Unger
Written by Edward Anhalt, Maurice Valency, Jean Giraudous
Starring Katharine Hepburn, Paul Henreid, Oskar Homolka, Yul Brynner, Richard Chamberlain, Edith Evans
Music by Michael J. Lewis
Cinematography Burnett Guffey, Claude Renoir
Edited by Roger dwyre

Released 1969
Run time 132 minutes

מתי אוכלים?מתי אוכלים?מתי אוכלים? ?When Do We Eat

When Do We Eat? is the story of a dysfunctional Jewish family's Passover Seder. This is the family's first Seder in three years and the tension is high. Before the Seder, Zeke (Ben Feldman) slips his father (Michael Lerner) a pill that he believes to be a combination of ecstasy and LSD. As the night continues, the family releases secrets that cause fights but bring them closer in the end. -Wikipedia

Directed by Salvador Litvak
Produced by Horatio C. Kemeny
Written by Nina Davidovich, Salvador Litvak
Starring Michael Lerner, Lesley Ann Warren, Jack Klugman, Shiri Appleby, Mili Avital, Ben Feldman, Adam Lamberg

Released 2005
Run time 93 minutes

Inherent Vice

In 1970, Shasta Fay Hepworth (Katherine Waterston), visits the rickety beach house of her ex-boyfriend Larry "Doc" Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) in Gordita Beach, a fictional town in Los Angeles County. Doc also happens to be a private investigator and hippie/dope head. Shasta tells him about her new lover, Mickey Wolfmann (Eric Roberts), a wealthy real estate developer. She asks Doc to help prevent Mickey’s wife (Serena Scott Thomas) and her lover from having Mickey abducted and committed to an insane asylum. -Wikipedia

Thomas Pynchon that's all that needs to be said. ~Mike

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Produced by JoAnne Sellar, Daniel Lupi, Paul Thomas Anderson
Written by Paul Thomas Anderson
Based on Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon
Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio del Toro, Jena Malone, Joanne Newsom, Martin Short, Jefferson Mays
Music by Jonny Greenwood
Cinematography Leslie Jones

Released 2014
Run time 149 minutes

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maslow and Self-Actualization

In this interview, Abraham Maslow, founder of the concept of Self Actualization, discusses what he found when he set out to study psychological health rather than pathology in humans. His study of a select group of exceptional people led to his theory of the actualized personality. In the first part Maslow describes the characteristics he found among his healthy subjects on the dimensions of honesty, humor, social awareness, efficient perception, freshness of appreciation, the peak experience and ethical awareness. In the second part he talks about the dimensions of freedom, creativity, and trust, among others.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. -Wikipedia

Excellent interview with Maslow. Shot in 1968 and restored in 2007. It may be old and look old but the content is as relevant today as it was in 1968. ~Mike

Monday, April 13, 2015


Sukmo (Abimana Aryasatya), a student based in Yogyakarta, spends much of his time on the computer, especially on Twitter. He falls in love with another user, Hanum (Laura Basuki), a beautiful journalist whom he has never met face-to-face. Sukmo considers the internet his main way of life, while Hanum finds it an escape from her daily schedule. Finally Sukmo decides to go to Jakarta with his friend Andre (Ben Kasyafani) and meet Hanum, but is stunned by her beauty and, when he sees her speaking to another man, leaves without introducing himself to her.
Before Sukmo can return to Yogyakarta, he is met by Kemal (Tio Pakusadewo), a businessman who is helping politicians better use Twitter during their campaigns. With the help of Andre and his girlfriend Nadya (Enzy Storia), Sukmo rises to Twitter stardom and becomes a powerful voice in the political campaigns. With his newfound status, Sukmo is able to approach Hanum and they begin seeing each other. -Wikipedia

Part love story and part discussion of the power of social media. ~Mike

Directed by Kuntz Agus
Produced by Ajish Dibyo, Faizan Zidni, Isaac Zikri, Eva Fadillah
Written by E.S. Ito
Starring Laura Basuki, Abimana Aryasatya, Enzy Storia, Ben Kasyafani, Tio Pakusadewo
Cinematography Ujel Bausad
Edited by Aline Jusria, Bayu Sulistyo

Released in 2012
Run time 90 minutes