Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pootie Tang

Women just can't resist him. Pootie's the hip hop hero with style and a language all his own. He is a hit-record maker, criminal empire busting, rabbit-fur shirt wearing superhero who is idolized by kids and love starved women everywhere. But with his one-man war against greed, injustice and unwholesome consumer products begin to cut into the profits of corporate America a demented CEO swipes Pootie's magical villian-whupping belt. Will Pootie buckle under the pressure?
Writer/director, Louis C.K.
Producers, Cotty Chubb, Chris Rock, David Gale, Ali LeRoi
Director of photography, Willy Kurant; editors, Doug Abel, David Lewis Smith; costume disgner, Amanda Sanders; production designer, Amy Silver.
Lance Crouther, Jennifer Coolidge, Wanda Sykes, Robert Vaughn, Chris Rock


Excellent pop culture parody. When Pooty speaks no one understands. Well, maybe Bob Costas does. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 54163-D 2001 81 minutes


  1. The problem with children these days is that we didn't give them real role models to keep them away from audible pop music, junk food, and anything else Dick Lecter manufactures. Until Pootie Tang came along, of course.

  2. Pootie saves us again. Viva el Pootie Tang!