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We Are Egypt: The Story Behind the Revolution

Going beyond the headlines, this story, filmed in the fourteen months leading to the Revolution, highlights the years of mounting resentment against a U.S.-backed authoritarian government determined to stay in power at any cost. Embedded inside the turmoil, filmmaker Lillie Paquette followed key opposition figures and young democracy activists as they struggled against extraordinary odds and at great personal risk.
Ayman Nour -- Kifaya "Enough" -- The people's plight -- Bush's democracy promotion era -- Ayman Nour after prison -- The April 6 youth -- Mohamed Elbaradei -- April 6 anniversary protest -- Khalid Said -- Preparing for the 2010 parliamentary elections -- US funding for democracy in Egypt -- The labor movement -- Social media election monitoring -- Elections day -- "Sham" elections aftermath and public outrage -- Revolution.
Special features include: Memories of Egypt: the 1952 revolution; Shaab Misr: the people of Egypt; Egyptian democracy activists; inside NDP headquarters; Noam Chomsky on US foreign policy in Egypt and more.
Directed and produced by Lillie Paquette. Editors, Lillie Paquette, David Zlutnick; camera, Lillie Paquette.

Chiefly in English; portions in Arabic with English subtitles; closed-captioned.

Askwith Media Library 61125-D 2013 85 minutes


"Delivers a powerful and unusually intimate portrait of modern environmental activism through the story of three eco-warriors united by their deep connection with nature and commitment to confront some of the most pressing ecological challenges of our time. The film follows Eriel Deranger, a Northern Alberta-based Canadian indigenous activist opposing the Tar Sands and a proposed 2,000 mile Keystone XL Pipeline, that would travel from Northern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. In India, water conservationist Rajendra Singh, a former Indian government official gone rogue, goes on a 40-day pilgrimage down India's once pristine Ganges--now alarmingly polluted. Facing community opposition, Singh works to shut down factories, halt construction of dams, and rouse local populations to treat sacret 'Mother Ganga' with respect. In Australia, inventor and entrepreneur Jay Harman struggles to find parties willing to invest millions on revolutionary turbine devices that he believes can slow global warming. Separated by oceans yet sharing an unwavering commitment to protect nature, the eco-warriors featured in [this film] offer an insightful and moving account of individuals overcoming overwhelming challenges"--Container.
Goproject Films; directed and produced by Gayatri Roshan, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee; written by Gayatri Roshan. Director of photography, Emily Topper; editor, Pedro Kos; music, H. Scott Salinas, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee. 
Rajendra Singh, Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, Jay Harman.

Primarily in English, with some dialogue in Hindi; English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 60639-D 2012 93 minutes


In 2009, filmmaker Josh Fox learned his land was on top of the Marcellus Shale, a giant reservoir of natural gas, and that he would be paid to lease his land for natural gas extraction. Fox documented his cross-country trek to find out if the controversial process of hydraulic fracking is actually safe. What he unearthed was a shocking discovery about a practice that is understudied and inadequately regulated, and raced to find answers about fracking before it was too late.

Askwith Media Library 53034-D  2010 107 minutes

Black Diamonds: Mountaintop Removal & The Fght for Coalfield Justice

"Charts the escalating drama in Appalachia over the alarming increase in large mountaintop coal mines. These mammoth operations have covered 1200 miles of headwater streams with mining waste, demolished thousands of acres of hardwood forest, and flattened hundred of Appalachian mountain peaks. Citizen testimony and visual documentation interwoven with the perspectives of government officials, activists, and scientists create a riveting portrait of an American region fighting for its life - caught between the grinding wheels of the national appetite for cheap energy and an enduring sense of Appalachian culture, pride, and natural beauty." 

Black Diamonds Movie Website

Written, produced & directed by Catherine Pancake. Camerawork by Catherine Pancake, Gretchen Heilman; research, Ann Pancake, Catherine Pancake; guitar soundtrack, Jack Rose, Andrew Hayleck. 

Narrator, Lauren Graham; interviews, Ann Pancake, Catherine Pancake.

Askwith Media Library 47815-D 2006 72 minutes

The Mountaintop Removal Road Show

Mountaintop removal mining and its impact on the environment and the people of the Appalachian region.
Hidden destruction of the Appalachian Mountains (20:43) -- Excerpt from "Rise up! West Virginia" (9:36) -- A Harlan County fish pond (6:14) -- McRoberts residents speak out about TECO (9:57) -- Mountaintop removal in Kentucky (2:45) -- The Martin County coal slurry disaster (2:28) -- Mountain justice (4:08) -- Wake up, freak out--then get a grip (11:35).

Askwith Media Library 52944-D 2003 67 minutes

The New Great Game

Book Review

Decline of the West & the struggle for Middle Eastern oil
After 500 years of Western domination, the waterways of the Middle East are now being contested in unprecedented ways. Pirates are roaming sea lanes. Local powers are threatening chokepoints. And the people are rising up to bring their authoritarian rulers down. With no simple solutions for maintaining control of oil flows, the West is facing a crucial decision. Already weakened by extended military interventions, faltering economies, and strained global partnerships, the US and Europe must decide whether violent intervention or benevolent passivity is the best course of action. This timely documentary charts these murky new waters and shows how the logic of empire is being tested by a rapidly changing Middle East. With fresh-from-the-ground footage and testimony from experts and actors in the region, the film zeroes in on how disparate events occurring on land in such places as Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Yemen, and at sea in the Gulf of Aden, the Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea, are all part of the same story -- a story about the slow dismantling of the old order, and the emergence of a new geopolitical game.
Media Education Foundation and Mundovision present; a Juju Films production; a film by Alexandre Trudeau and Jonathan Pedneault; written and directed by Alexandre Trudeau and Jonathan Pedneault; co-produced by Eikon Media GmbH. Executive producer, George Matta; cinematography, Bill Stone and Sebastian Lange; editor, Tienne Gagnon; music, Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis.

In English; optional subtitles in English.

Askwith Media Library 59347-D 54 minutes 2012

Syria: The Assads' Twilight

Bashar al-Assad tells a French TV audience about his calling as a doctor: "You work for the health of humans. It's a humanitarian job". Two years later, the world would watch as this humanitarian sent black-clad troops to open fire on unarmed protesters seeking the fall of his regime. This documentary is a history of the Assad regime, from its origins to its teetering, possibly final days in 2011.
Bonne Compagnie, Arte France, INA present; a film by Vincent de Cointet and Christophe Ayad; directed by Vincent de Cointet. Cinematography, Marc Lavastrou; editing, Benoit Tricot; music, Damien de Medeiros, Bonne Pioche Music.

Commentary spoken by Sylvain Roumette.

English narration; credits in French and English; dialogue in Arabic with English voice-over and English subtitles; some French with English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 59119-D 2011 52 minutes

My So-Called Enemy

Spanning seven years, this film follows six girls who participated in the Building Bridges for Peace camp in New York City for seven years following their experience of meeting "the enemy" in July 2002.
Good Egg Productions presents a film by Lisa Gossels; directed and produced by Lisa Gossels; produced by Eden Wurmfeld.
Director of photography, Justin Schein; editors, Lisa Gossels, David Mehlman, Toby Shimin; music, Nathan Larson.

In English, Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 62521-D 2010 89 minutes

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La Tumultueuse vie D'un Déflaté. (Hectic Life of a Dismissed Worker)

Documentary film portrays the hectic life of the “Great Z”, an engine driver for 20 years, laid off in 1995 by the National Railways of Burkina Faso following the privatization imposed by the World Bank. The film is a tragicomedy from Africa, where we will hear the peculiar language, and see the tall and fragile silhouette of a black, white-faced clown, both melancholy and mischievous, wandering the dusty streets of Ouagadougou and the greasy bars of Bobo-Dioulasso.
un film documentaire de Camille Plagnet; avec la participation de Saidou Zembendé Ouedraogo; producer, Jean-Marie Barbe.

French and Mooré ; English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 54920-D 2009 59 minutes

Monday, January 27, 2014

Land of Confusion

In March of 2004, a Pennsylvania filmmaker was activated with his National Guard unit and deployed to Iraq. During the next twelve months he would document his unique experiences as he and his platoon were tasked with the politically charged mission of searching for the infamous weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). The search would take them from the heart of Baghdad to rural Iraqi farms. Reveals the extraordinary perspective of soldiers on the ground in Iraq, as recorded by one of their own.

Askwith Media Library 53936-D 2011 91 minutes

Precious Knowledge

"While 48 percent of Mexican-American students currently drop out of high school, Tucson (Ariz.) High [School's] Mexican American Studies Program has become a national model of educational success, with 93 percent of enrolled students graduating from high school. However, Arizona lawmakers [state school superintendents Tom Horne and John Huppenthal and Gov. Jan Brewer have] shut the program down because they believe the students are being indoctrinated with dangerous ideology and embracing destructive ethnic chauvinism."
Special features: additional scenes; students profiles; music video; behind the scenes.
Produced and directed by Ari Luis Palos; produced by Eren Isabel McGinnis. Executive producer for ITVS, Sally Jo Fifer; editor, Jacob Bricca; composer, Naïm Amor.

In English; Spanish with subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 57051-D 2011 70 minutes

Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution represents the only successful slave revolution in history; it created the world's first Black republic. At the forefront of the rebellion was General Toussaint Louverture, an ex-slave whose genius was admired by allies and enemies alike.
Produced by Patricia Asté; directed by Noland Walker; written by Margaret Koval, Noland Walker; produced by Koval Films, LLC, in association with NBPC; co-production of Koval Films, LLC, the Independent Television Service and Oregon Public Broadcasting.
Principal photography, Michael Chin; editor, Michael W. Andrews,
music, Eric Amdahl.
Narrator, Edwidge Danticat.


Askwith Media Library 54558-D 2009 60 minutes

Growing Up Online

"MySpace. YouTube. Facebook. Friendster. Nearly every teen in America is on the Internet every day. They socialize with friends and strangers alike. Peers inside the world of this cyber-savvy generation through the eyes of teens and their parents, who often find themselves on opposite sides of a new digital divide. A generation with a radically different notion of privacy and personal space, today's adolescents are grappling with issues their parents never had to deal with. Investigates the risks, realities, and misconceptions of teenage self-expression on the World Wide Web."
Living their lives essentially online -- A revolution in classrooms and social life -- Self-expression, trying on new identities -- The child predator fear -- Private worlds outside parents' reach -- Cyberbullying -- Updates.
 WGBH Educational Foundation; a Frontline co-production with Ark Media, LLC; written by Rachel Dretzin; produced and directed by Rachel Dretzin and John Maggio. Camera, Tom Hurwitz; editor, R.A. Fedde; music, Frank Ferrucci.
Narrator: Will Lyman.


Originally broadcast on Jan. 22, 2008 as a segment of the television program, Frontline.

Askwith Media Library 50766-D 60 minutes

Jan Svankmajer (Askwtih Collection)

Alice: A little girl follows an elusive White Rabbit and so begins this dream expedition into the landscape of childhood, combining techniques of animation, puppet theatre and live action in Švankmajer's surreal version of Alice's adventures in Wonderland.
Darkness light darkness: A man literally constructs himself within the confines of a very small room-- a potent allegory of Svankmajer's life in Eastern Europe.
Special features: Also includes Svankmajer's short film, Darkness light darkness (7 min., col., 1990).
A Condor Features production in association with Film Four International and Hessischer Rundfunk; producer, Peter-Christian Fueter; scripted, designed & directed, Jan Švankmajer. Photography, Svatopluk Mal ; animation, Bedr̆ich Glaser; art direction, Eva Švankmajerová, Jiří Bláha; editor, Marie Zemanová.
Cast: Kristýna Kohoutová.

Askwith Media Library 33209-D 1999 84 and 7 minutes


The Early Years. Vol. 1 Previously released short films from 1965-1980
The fall of the House of Usher (1980, 15 min.) -- A game with stones (1965, 9 min.) -- Et cetera (1966, 7 min.) -- Punch and Judy (1966, 10 min.) -- The flat (1968, 13 min.) -- Picnic with Weissmann (1969, 13 min.) -- A quiet week in the house (1969, 19 min.).
Special features: Selected artwork; Trailer of "Little Otik"; "Economical suicide" a poem; Biographical sketch; Filmography; Title index.

The later years.Vol. 2 Previously released short films from 1982-1992
Dimensions of dialogue (1982, 12 min.) -- Down to the cellar (1983, 15 min.) -- The pendulum, the pit and hope (1983, 16 min.) -- Meat love (1988, 1 min.) -- Flora (1989, 20 sec.) -- The death of Stalinism in Bohemia (1990, 15 min.) -- Food (1992, 17 min.).

Askwith Media Library 36038-D 86 minutes The Early Years. Vol. 1 Previously released short films from 1965-1980.

Askwith Media Library 36039-D 76 minutes The later years.Vol. 2 Previously released short films from 1982-1992.

Collected Shorts
Vol. 1 includes short films from 1965-1980, vol. 2 includes short films from 1982-1992; most made for divisions of Krátký Film Praha.
"Utilizing a delirious combination of puppets, humans, stop-motion animation and live action, Svankmajer's films conjure up a dreamlike universe that is at once dark, macabre, witty and perversely visceral. This is a collection of short works"
Vol. 1: Hra s kameny = A game with stones /Froschberg Zeigt Filmstudio (1965, 9 min.) -- Rakvičkárna = Punch and Judy / Loutkový Film Praha (1966, 10 min.) -- Et cetera / Loutkový Film Praha (1966, 7 min.) -- Picknick mit Weismann = Picnic with Weissmann / Studio A Zeigt (1969, 13 min.) -- Byt = The flat Loutkový Film Praha / (1968, 13 min.) -- Tichý týden v dome = A quiet week in the house / Krátký Film Studio (1969, 19 min.) -- Zánik domu Usheru = The fall of the House of Usher / Krátký Film Praha (1980, 15 min.); vol. 2: Možnosti dialogu = Dimensions of dialogue / Studio Jiřího Trnky (1982, 12 min.) -- Do pivnice = Down to the cellar / Slovenská Filmová Tvorba (1983, 15 min.) -- Kyvadlo, jáma a nadeje = The pendulum, the pit and hope (1983, 16 min.) -- Zamilované maso = Meat love (1988, 1 min.) -- Flora / [MTV] (1989, 20 sec.) -- Konec stalinismu v Čechách = The death of Stalinism in Bohemia / BBC, Nomad Films (1990, 15 min.) -- Jídlo = Food / Koninck International & Heart of Europe (1992, 17 min.).
Special features: v.1. Selected artwork; trailer for "Little Otik"; poem, "Economical suicide"; biographical sketch; filmography; alphabetical title index. v.2. BBC documentary: "Animator of Prague"; poem "In the cellar"; biographical sketch; filmography; alphabetical title index. Print essay: "Filmmaker as Alchemist"
KimStim collection

Czech, German and English with English subtitles.

Askwtih Media Library 45018-D 


An everyman lured off the streets of Prague finds himself becoming Faust and entering a world of mind-boggling magic and strange encounters. He summons up Mephisto, makes his awful pact and is plunged into a world of laughing devils, dreams and nightmares.
"Dialogue taken from Faust plays by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Christian Dietrich Grabbe, Christopher Marlowe and Czech Folk Puppeteers."
Art direction, Eva Svankmajerova & Jan Svankmajer; animation, Bedrich Glaser; photography, Svatopluk Maly; editor, Marie Zemanova; choreography, Daria Vobornikova; sound, Ivo Spalj; English version director, Matt McCarthy; English version editor, Alan Brett; English dialogue by George Roubicek.
Kino International; Heart of Europe Prague K Production & Lumen Films; in co-production with BBC Bristol, Koninck & Pandora Films; an Athanor production of a film by Jan Svankmajer; executive producers, Karl Baumgartner; produced by Jaromír Kallista; written and directed by Jan Svankmajer.
Art direction, Eva Svankmajerova & Jan Svankmajer; animation, Bedrich Glaser; photography, Svatopluk Maly; editor, Marie Zemanova; choreography, Daria Vobornikova; sound, Ivo Spalj; English version director, Matt McCarthy; English version editor, Alan Brett; English dialogue by George Roubicek.
Originally produced in 1994 by Heart of Europe Prague K Productions & Lumen Films.

Askwith Media Library 33212-D 1994 97 minutes
Little Otik 33212-D

Lunacy 45718-D 

The Brothers Quay collection 31273-D Conspirators of Pleasure; Food 31640-D
The Ossuary and Other Tales 43424-D
European Short Films 46395-D
Phantom Museums 48131-D

Panique au village (A Town Called Panic)

A stop-motion animated film about toys come to life, based on the Belgian television series with the same title. Cowboy and Indian give Horse a homemade brick barbecue for his birthday, but too many bricks arrive and they destroy their house. Surreal adventures follow as the trio travels to the center of the earth, treks across frozen tundra, and discovers a parallel underwater universe where dishonest creatures live. With panic a permanent feature of life in this papier-mâché town, will Horse and his girlfriend ever be alone?
un film de Stéphane Aubier et Vincent Patar; La Parti Production et Coproduction Office présentent en coproduction avec Beast Productions; scénario original, Stéphane Aubier; producteurs, Philippe Kauffmann et Vincent Tavier; responsable animation, Steven de Beul.
Original music, Dionysos, French Cowboy; cinematography, Jan Vandenbussche.
Voices: Stéphane Aubier, Bruce Ellison, Vincent Patar, Jeanne Balibar, Benoît Poelvoorde.

In French, with optional subtitles in English.

Askwith Media Library 52600-D 2010 75 minutes

Life On Mars BBC & ABC

United Kingdom

After a car accident, modern-day police detective Sam Tyler wakes up to find he has been transported to 1973. Is he crazy, in a coma, or back in time? He must solve crimes using low-tech, highly aggressive 1970s methods, butt heads with his boss, and find time for a possible romance with policewoman Annie.
Series 1 a Kudos Film and Television Production for BBC Wales; written by Matthew Graham; directed by Bharat Nalluri; produced by Claire Parker.
John Simm, Philip Glenister, Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marshall Lancaster.
DVD bonus features: audio commentaries for every episode with cast and crew; Take a look at the lawman: an hour-long documentary with cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footage; interview clip with director Bharat Nalluri; The music of Life on Mars: featurette with composer Ed Butt; Get Sykes: featurette with production designer Brian Sykes; outtakes reel.
|a Bonus features: v. 1. Return of Life on Mars documentary; v. 2. Behind-the-scenes footage for episode 3; v. 3. Behind-the-scenes footage for episode 5 and CID set; v. 4. Behind-the-scenes footage for episode 7 and Tufty's cameo, and the End of Life on Mars featurette.

Subtitled for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Askwith Media Library 
Series One 49227-D 2006 4 DVDs 466 minutes
Series Two 52595-D 2007 4 DVDs 468 minutes

United States

NYPD detective Sam Tyler finds himself walking both sides of the line between delusion and reality, when he is suddenly hurtled back in time to 1973 after being struck in an 2008 car accident. As Sam continues to figure out why he is struck in 1973, he continues to clash with colleagues and superiors over police procedure as they pursue a robbery suspect. A decorated Vietman War vet is beaten to death; a Puerto Rican man is accused of throwing a black girl off the roof of a building; a hostage situation takes place at the psychiatric ward of a hospital; a bank robbery involving the Russian mob starts a turf war; a councilman is shot and killed in the station causing it to go on lockdown.
Episode 1: Out here in the fields -- Episode 2: The real adventures of the unreal Sam Tyler -- Episode 3: My Maharishi is bigger than your Maharishi -- Episode 4: Have you seen your mother, baby, standing in the shadows? -- Episode 5: Things to do in New York when you think you're dead -- Episode 6: Tuesday's dead -- Episode 7: The man who sold the world -- Episode 8: Take a look at the lawmen -- Episode 9: The dark side of the mook -- Episode 10: Let all the children boogie -- Episode 11: Home is where you hang your holster -- Episode 12: The simple secret of the note in us all -- Episode 13: Revenge of broken jaw -- Episode 14: Coffee, tea, or Annie -- |Episode 15: All the young dudes -- Episode 16: Everyone knows it's windy -- Episode 17: Life is a rock.
Special features: "To Mars and back: journey back to the '70s to see where the show's concept originated and discover hints to figure out where it's headed" featurette; "The mind-trip reality of living in the '70s on a 2008 set" featurette; "Sunrise to sunset with Jason O'Mara: experience Jason O'Mara's exhilarating and exhausting 'Life on Mars'" featurette; "Flashback: Lee Majors goes to Mars:" Lee Majors and Jason O'Mara step back into the past as they tour the set; spaced out: bloopers from the set; deleted scenes; audio commentaries.
The complete series ABC Studios; Kudos Film and Television; 20th Century Fox Television; directed by Michael Katleman, Darnell Martin, Alex Zakrzewski.
Jason O'Mara, Michael Imperioli, Gretchen Mol, Jonathan Murphy, Harvey Keitel.

English dialogue, French or Spanish subtitles; English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Askwith Media Library 50442-D 2008/9 4 DVDs 731 minutes

Feast India

 "Presents an odyssey through Indian culture, religion, and cuisine. This series journeys through different parts of India to encounter its sumptuously colored and richly divergent lifestyles. From the backwaters of Kerala through the bustling streets of Mumbai, to the desert majesty of the Western Ghats, the vast subcontinent teems with the vibrancy of India, ancient, modern, timeless."
Part 1. Desert celebration. --Part 2. Village life. --Part 3. Old Delhi. --Part 4. Land of coconuts. --Part 5. Spice mountains. --Part 6. City of dreams. --Part 7. Diwali. --Part 8. Indian offerings.

Askwith Media Library 43632-D 2006 8 DVDs 184 minutes

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The Other City

Not far from the White House, the Capitol, and the National Mall lies a part of Washington, DC that the tourists never see and the mainstream media virtually ignores. At least three percent of DC is HIV positive, a staggering rate higher than parts of Africa. Behind all the stories of heartbreak, loss, and struggle there are also the incredible, encouraging stories of the people behind grassroots movements to extend education, combat stigmas, and spread hope.

Directed by Susan Koch; produced by Sheila C. Johnson.
Screenplay, Jose Antonio Vargas.

Askwith Media Library 54019-D 2010 90 minutes

Fire in the Blood

Fire in the Blood tells the true story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs in Africa and the global south in the 1990s, leading to the preventable deaths of at least ten million people, and how a remarkable coalition of people came together to stop them. Shot on four continents and featuring contributions from global figures such as Bill Clinton, Desmond Tutu, and Joseph Stiglitz, the film offers devastating insights into the lethal decisionmaking process that led to this humanitarian catastrophe. And it shows how, if not for the passion and tactical ingenuity of a group of courageous and relentless activists, millions of more people would have died. The result is a gripping look at corporate greed, government collusion, the cutthroat economics of medicine and healthcare, and the power of ordinary people to make meaningful change on a global scale.
Dartmouth Films presents; a Sparkwater India production; director/producer/writer/editor, Dylan Mohan Gray. Director of photography, Jay J. Odedra; editor, Dylan Mohan Gray; music, Ashutosh Phatak.
Narrator, William Hurt.

Closed-captioned in English with optional English (SDH) subtitles.

Full-length version (83 min.) -- Abridged version (60 min.)

Askwith Media Library 60934-D 2013

The Grove: AIDS and the Politics of Remembrance

"More Americans have been lost to AIDS than in all the U.S. wars since 1900. Yet few know about the National AIDS Memorial Grove, a seven-acre sanctuary hidden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and a testament to lives lost at a time when the stigma of AIDS forced many to grieve in silence. The Grove shows how a community in crisis found healing and remembrance, and how the seeds of a few visionary environmentalists blossomed into something larger than they could have imagined"--Container.
Extra features: 45 min. of bonus footage, deleted scenes, interview with filmmakers, trailers.
An Open Eye Pictures production; a film by Andy Abrahams Wilson and Tom Shepard; directed, produced, and filmed by Andy Abrahams Wilson; produced and edited by Tom Shepard.
Executive producer, Michael Weiss; music, Justin Melland.

Askwith Media Library 59631-D 57 minutes 2011

The Blood of Yingzhou District

Documentary on the AIDS epidemic in rural China focusing on one year in the life of a young boy with AIDS whose parents have died of the disease. Looks at how people living with the disease are ostracized. Shows how economic realities force many of the population into selling their blood to make ends meet, a practice that can expose them to unsafe medical practices that can expose them to the virus.
Produced by Thomas Lennon; directed by Ruby Yang.
Director of photography, Qu Jiang Tao; editors, Ruby Yang, Ma Man Chung; original music, Brian Keane.

English narrative intertitles; Chinese interviews with English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 45538-D 2006 40 minutes

Who's Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics

Waring challenges the myths of objective economic policy by asking the question, "Why isn't the unpaid work of women counted in the gross domestic product?" She uses as an example, the women in the Philippines. She also raises the issue as to why there is no negative costs in the national accounts for damage to the environment?
National Film Board of Canada; produced by Kent Martin; directed and edited by Terre Nash.
Cinematographer, Susan Trow; camera, Nash Read, Dawn Nichol; music, Penny Lang.
Narrator, Marilyn Waring.

Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired.

Askwith Media Library 52242-D 1997 94 minutes

Drumbeat for Mother Earth: Persistent Organic Pollutants Threaten the Natural Environment and the Future of Indigenous Peoples

Argues that persistent toxic chemicals, such as PCBs, DDT, and dioxin, are possibly the greatest threat to the long-term survival of indigenous peoples, including Native Americans. Explores how these chemicals contaminate the traditional food web, violate treaty rights, travel long distances, and are passed from one generation to the next during pregnancy.
Produced by Joseph DiGangi, Amon Giebel, Tom Goldtooth, Jackie Warledo; directed, filmed & edited by Joseph DiGangi, Amon Giebel; [Greenpeace and Indigenous Environmental Network].
Producer, Joseph DiGangi, Amon Giebel, Tom Goldtooth, Jackie Warledo; directed, filmed, edited by Joseph DiGangi, Amon Giebel.

Askwith Media Library 52246-D 1999 54 minutes

Deconstructing Supper

Documentary film that looks at the way modern food is produced through genetic modification and through organic farming in Canada, Europe, India, and United States. A gourmet chef, John Bishop, leads us on an investigation of various genetically modified food products and the leader in genetic engineering, Monsanto. The film includes interviews with farmers, scientists, government officials, journalists, and activists.
Bullfrog Films presents; a film by Marianne Kaplan; MSK Productions, Inc.; produced in association with Vision TV; produced in association with Global; produced in association with WTN Women's Television Network; Produced in partnership with Knowledge Network; Produced in association with Saskatchewan Communications Network; CKY Television; Canadian Learning Television; director, Marianne Kaplan; producers, Leonard Terhoch & Marianne Kaplan; written by Merrily Weisbord & Marianne Kaplan.
Cinematographer, Kirk Tougas; editor, Stuart De Jong; composer, Salvador Ferreras.
Narrator, John Bishop; featuring Michael Ableman, Luke Anderson, Malcolm Devine, Pat Mooney, P.V. Satheesh, Percy Schmeiser, Vandana Shiva, Steve Wilson.

Askwith Media Library 52259-D 2002 48 minutes

Subjectified: Nine Young Women Talk about Sex

"Documentary that presents a real, human picture of the diversity of sexual experiences from women around the U.S. When it comes to sex, women are so often seen but rarely heard. Subjectified lets women speak for themselves. While our culture is saturated with images of female sexuality, the real voices of women are frequently missing. Through nine in-depth interviews about sex and sexuality, this documentary lets women do the talking, trading easy answers and stereotypes for brutal honesty. The stories may sound familiar: young moms, abstinent Christians, lesbians, survivors of assaults and STD's"-- web site (
That's What She Said Productions.
Nine young women talk about sex/ directed and produced by Melissa Tapper Goldman.
Editor, Melissa Tapper Goldman; co-producer, editor, Christy Ann Spindler.


Askwith Media Library 57249-D 2009 102 minutes

Brothers and Others

"Brothers and others documents the impact of the September 11th tragedy on Muslims and Arabs living in America. We follow immigrants and Americans as they struggle in the heightened climate of hate, FBI and INS investigations, and the economic hardships that erupted following the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon." On power, dissent and racism consists of an interview in which Noam Chomsky presents his reflections on the motivations behind 9/11 and its consequences internationally.
Produced and directed by Nicolas Rossier; producers, Trilby MacDonald, Sandra Petraglia; Baraka Productions. On power, dissent and racism: a conversation with Noam Chomsky / produced by Baraka Productions.
Arab Film Distribution

Askwith Media Library 37847-D 2002 54 minutes

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yukiyukite Shingun (The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On)

Features Kenzo Okuzaki, a Japanese Imperial Army veteran, who is obsessed with documenting whether the executions of a buddy and five deserters by fellow soldiers in the jungles of Papua New Guinea actually occurred.
Directed and photographed by: Kazuo Hara; edited by; Jun Nabeshima; produced by; Sanciko Kobayashi with Yasuko Tokunaga and Yunoshin Niyoshi for Shisso Production in collaboration with Imamura Productions and Zanzou-Sha

Japanese with English subtitles.

Askwith Media Library 42412-D 2007 122 minutes


This story of a technological paradise suddenly turned nightmare is a genuine shocker. For $1,000 a day, vacationers can indulge whims at the "theme park" called Westworld where the gunhands and dance-hall girls are all robots programmed to serve the guests' violent and lustful fantasies-until something goes wrong with their circuitry. 
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer presents; produced by Paul N. Lazarus III; written and directed by Michael Crichton. 
Music, Fred Karlin; director of photography, Gene Polito; editor, David Bretherton. 
Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin, James Brolin. 

English (surround stereo) and French (mono) language soundtracks with optional subtitles in English or French; closed-captioned in English for the hearing impaired.

Askwith Media Library 46538-D 1973 99 minutes

Forbidden Voices

Their voices are suppressed, prohibited and censored. But world-famous bloggers Yoani Sanchez, Zeng Jinyan and Famaz Seifi are not frightened of their dictatorial regimes. These fearless women stand for a new networked generation of modern rebels. In Cuba, China and Iran their blogs shake the foundations of the state information monopoly - putting their lives at great risk. Barbara Miller's film Forbidden Voices accompanies these brave young rebels on their dangerous journey and traces their use of social media like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to denounce and combat the the violations of human rights and freedom of speech in their countries- thereby triggering international resonance by building up enormous political pressure. Time Magazine counts them among the world's most influential voices. Based on their moving eyewitness reports and clandestine footage, Forbidden Voices pays homage to their courageous battle.   
Das Kollektiv fur audiovisuelle Werke GmbH presents, in co-production with Schweizer Radio und Femsehen/Urs Augstburger; SRG SSR/Urs Fitze; ARTE G.E.I.E/Annie Bataillard, Christian Cools; Hedi Wyss; a film by Barbara Miller; written and directed by Barbara Miller; produced by Philip Delaquis. 
Cinematographer, Peter Indergand; editor, Andreas Winterstein; music composer, Marcel Vaid.
Featuring Yoani Sanchez, Zeng Jinyan, Famaz Seifi, Kcie Morillon.

Spanish, Chinese, French, Farsi and English dialogue with English subtitles. 

Askwith Media Library 52451-D 2012 92 minutes

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Robatierra Stolen Land

Caught between rebel guerrillas and the Colombian army, the indigenous Nasa people fight to reclaim the ancestral land that was stolen from them while also fending off new threats of violence encroaching on the community. In a country where the people have known little but war, the Nasa Leader Lucho Acosta know that violence will only breed more of the same. He must fight for the rights of his people in a peaceful manner. Stolen Land is a sensitive and empathetic documentary that follows Acosta as he takes the Nasa's fight from the streets of their villages to the halls of government, giving us an intimate look inside this peaceful and caring traditional community. Facing nearly insurmountable odds, Acosta and his beliefs are tested to their core. The last time an agreement was reached, nearly 20 years ago, the result was a massacre. The stakes are high and the future of the Nasa hangs in the balance.
A film by Margarita Marinez and Miguel Salazar; edited by Alejandra Almiron, Diego Narciso; presented by Sundance Doc Fund, Sundance Channel, Icarus Films, and VPRO.

In Spanish with English subtitles. 

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Spanish Earth and The 400 Million



The Spanish Earth is a docudrama on the Civil War in Spain that dramatizes the effects of the fascist uprising and invasion on the ordinary citizens, using actual scenes of the fighting. 
Contemporary Historians, Inc.; directed by Joris Ivens; produced by Herman Shumlin; written by Ernest Hemingway and Jonis Ivens; narrated by Ernest Hemingway and Orson Welles.


(Video trailer unavailable)

The 400 Million. The Japanese aggression against China in 1937 forced the Chinese communists to join Chiang Kai-shek's Kwomintang to take up the battle against their common enemy.  Filmed in 1938 and focusing on the battle of T'aiertshwang, the film shows all aspects of a war: the battle, the preparations, refugees, casualties and victims, the fear and distrss, the human misery and the courage, and the land under fire. 
History Today Inc.; a film by Joris Ivens and John Ferno; written by Joris Ivens; commentary written by Dudley Nichols; commentary by Frederic March. 

Askwith Media Library 32038-D 1937 108 minutes