Thursday, January 2, 2014

How Racism Harms White Americans

How Racism Harms White Americans

"Distinguished historian John H. Bracey Jr. offers a provocative analysis of the devastating economic, political, and social effects of racism on white Americans. In a departure from analyses of racism that have focused primarily on white power and privilege, Bracey trains his focus on the high price that white people, especially working class whites, have paid for more than two centuries of divisive race-based policies and attitudes. Whether he's discussing the pivotal role slavery played in the war for independence, the two million white Americans who died in a civil war fought over the question of slavery, or how business owners took advantage of the segregation of America's first labor unions and used low-wage, non-unionized black workers to undercut the bargaining power of white workers, Bracey's central point is that failing to acknowledge the centrality of race, and racism, to the American project not only minimizes the suffering of black people, but also blinds us to how racism and white privilege have harmed white people as well."--Container.
Intro: the racist response to Obama -- Slavery and the American narrative of freedom -- The Civil war -- Racism and class solidarity -- Blood banks -- The white nightmare of sexual amalgamation -- The Obama presidency.
A lecture by John H. Bracey Jr.; Media Education Foundation; directed by Sut Jhally. Editor & graphics, Sut Jhally; camera, David Rabinovitz; media research, Sarah Marmon; audio recording, Andy Turrett.

Askwith Media Library 60930-D 2013 45 minutes

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