Tuesday, March 4, 2014

La Prise du Pouvoir par Vladimir Poutine (How Putin Came to Power)

A biography of Vladimir V. Putin, a former KGB agent who rapidly rose from a minor political figure in St. Petersburg to become president of the Russian Federation in the late 1990s. Argues that his ascendancy was "the result of a power struggle between factions of the country's ruling oligarchs and a behind-the-scenes political deal" brokered by Boris Yeltsin (container). Includes interviews with Kremlin insiders Yevgeny Primakov, Yuri Skuratov, Boris Berezovsky, Sergei Dorenko, Boris Nemtsov, Elena Tregubova, and Ksenia Ponomareva.
Arte France, Wilton Films, Quark Productions présentent; ecrit par Paul Mitchell et Tania Rakhmanova; réalisation, Tania Rakhmanova.
Originally produced as a documentary film in 2005.

In Russian & English, with English subtitles. Credits in French.

Askwith Media Library 45642-D 2005 52 minutes

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