Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nain souruzu (9 Souls)


Nine convicts escape from prison; most are convicted murders. They commandeer a van from a strip club. Their plan is to find a stash of counterfeit money that a deranged cell mate told them about, divide it, then part ways. They make it to the site where the money is supposed to be hidden, and then one by one, each seeks out the place he wants to be, a version of home, somewhere to connect. Will it end well for any of them? -IMDB

Destination: Planet Negro!

In 1939, African American leaders respond to Jim Crow segregation by building a rocket to colonize Mars. The three person crew blasts off, but time travel instead, arriving in present-day America revealing much about race today. -IMDB

Directed by Kevin Willmott

Tosin Morohunfola
Danielle Copper
Kevin Willmott
Trai Byers
Walter Coppage
Samra Tererra
Ranjit Arab
Ric Averill

Cinematographer Matt Jacobson
Music by Silke Matzpohl
Editor Mark von Schlemmer